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Yoga for Cancer

What Is Yoga for Breast Cancer?

The First Breast Cancer DVD of its Kind

Yoga for Cancer is the first DVD created exclusively to address the needs of breast cancer battlers and survivors. The yoga poses were chosen not only for their stress reducing and energizing properties, but also to address the unique needs of breast cancer battlers. It incorporates a special series of poses that will increase flexibility, bring healing energy to the areas that need it most, calm the nervous system, and relax the mind and body. The video creates active energy through standing poses, restorative energy through mat poses, and mental and physical relaxation from meditation. Our goal is to move from surviving breast cancer to thriving after breast cancer.


Share More, Thrive More

10% of all videos produced are donated to cancer care centers and hospitals to share with patients.

Meet the Inspiration

This DVD was inspired by my love for my mother, Priscilla Kinney, and my admiration for her strength, determination, and positive attitude during her 22 year ongoing battle with breast cancer.